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Jeff Brady
Mar 29, 2021
In Remembering Beth
When I joined OPB in 1999 Beth was my ideal for a calm, focused journalist. I learned so much from her about writing clearly and being an authoritative presence in this chaotic field of work. Since learning of Beth's death I've been recalling one image I cherish: sitting with Beth in the control room waiting for "Oregon Considered" to start. As calm as she appeared, her foot was always perched on the chair leg and it shook -- not really nervously but I imagined that was the outlet for the adrenaline of getting ready to speak to all those people in the audience. I'd look for that moving foot every time I joined her to go on air. It was the one sign that maybe she was feeling some of the anxiousness I felt. There are three women who I credit for making me the journalist I am today and Beth was one of them. I will miss her and am sad I won't see that smile in person again.

Jeff Brady

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